Photography Workshops & Training



Studio Essentials

This is mainly a technical workshop designed to establish a high level of ability in creating perfect exposures and beautiful lighting in the studio.

What we will cover:

This workshop is suitable for people who are new to studio photography, but also ideal for the more experienced studio photographer who wants to sharpen their skills to achieve a crisp professional standard in their studio work.

Sun 7th July 2024 12:00PM - 4:00PM Studio Essentials River Road Studios, Bayswater, W.A. $195.00 BOOK NOW

Photoshop for Fashion & Portrait

This workshop is designed up level up your Photoshop skills in editing portraits and fashion.

I will be demonstrating & teaching the methods I use for this type of editing, including all the relevant tools and techniques for efficient blemish removal, advanced skin smoothing, figure adjustments, skin tone balancing and more.

We will also be covering some of the new AI-driven tools.

Participants will receive a reference sheet to assist in practicing at home after the workshop.

Wed 17th July 2024 7:00PM - 9:00PM Photoshop for Fashion & Portrait River Road Studios, Bayswater, W.A. $95.00 BOOK NOW